Greetings Friend, and Welcome to our home on the Web,

It is our desire that this site would help you learn more about the Broomfield Baptist Church.  To help you along the way, we have tried to include some helpful information about who we are, what kind of church we arewhere and when you can find us each week. Please feel free to contact our staff if you need further assistance.

We are glad you found our site, and if you are close enough to the Broomfield area, we would be even more delighted for you to join us sometime for worship the way it was meant to be. We are an unaffiliated Baptist church standing together on the Word of God without compromise.  Our servant leaders preach and teach from the Authorized Version of the Bible and our people love to sing the soul-stirring, revivalistic hymns of the faith. Each week you will be blessed, refreshed and challenged where you can find opportunities to use your spiritual gifts for the Lord.

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